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Canada Water Library - cc-by-Monkeywing on Flickr Canada Water library - cc-by-Xmacex on Flickr The Gherkin - cc-by-IainFarrell on Flickr Greenland Dock - cc-by-AlexHealing on Flickr The Shard from Canada Water Tower Bridge from the Thames Walk near the King's Stairs (...) Greenland Dock Russia Dock woodland - cc-by-AlexLomas on Flickr Russia Dock mound - cc-by-Mrmoss on Flickr Russia Dock woodland - cc-by-Pommibastards on Flickr Russia Dock woodland - cc-by-Graham99 on Flickr Southdock - cc-by-BenSutherland on Flickr Southwark Park cc-by-JohnSeb on Flickr Southwark Park - cc-by-CasperMoller on Flickr Surrey Quays Shopping Center - cc-by-BenSutherland on Flickr Surrey Quays shops - cc-by-BenSutherland on Flickr Surrey Quays tube station - cc-by-Ewan-m on Flickr The Wibbley Wobbley floating pub - cc-by-BobaliciousLondon on (...) Tower Bridge - cc-by-DaveStraven on Flickr Tower Bridge - cc-by-z_dead on Flickr Wetherspoon pub - cc-by-Ewan-m on Flickr The Shard - cc-by-DaveCatchpole on Flickr The Shard - cc-by-FlamesWordDragon on Flickr The Shard - cc-by-JonSmith on Flickr